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Optimizing Immunotherapies

Vycellix, Inc. is a closely-held biotechnology company advancing innovative products designed to enhance cellular therapies and optimize human immune response against disease with a focus on cancers.

Vycellix is advancing its proprietary pipeline of novel immunomodulators as:

- platform technology for the efficient, cost-effective modulation of cell and gene therapies.
- monotherapy and/or adjuvant therapeutics targeting cancers and infectious disease.
- enhancers of gene editing for CRISPR-Cas9 systems.

The Company’s pre-IND pipeline consists of two novel molecules VY-OZ and VY-X, which have demonstrated unrivaled enhancement of cancer-targeting natural killer cells (NK Cells) and T Cells by exhibiting respective capabilities including: delivering optimal and cost-effective gene modification; rapidly modulating in vivo and ex vivo immune response, and; yielding unprecedented killing capacity for cytotoxic lymphocytes.

VY-X Mechanism of Action: Unrivaled Expression Levels of Perforin
and Granzyme B Boosts Serial Killing Capacity for Cytotoxic Lymphocytes

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